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Viral Video: A man saved a girl’s life who fell down from fifth floor building , We need such heroes

Viral Video: Social media is a platform where anything can go viral. Everyday you seen some shocking videos on the internet, but today we are going to show you a video after which you will be thrilled. In the video you can seen a boy and a girl parked their car and were standing on the road, just after the look towards the building. Both of them got panic. Actually, they saw a girl hanging on the fifth floor window of the building.

A girl fell down

The video is being told of Tongjiang in Zhejiang province of China. Your heart will beat faster after watching the video. You can see that a man named Shen Dong and his female friend were standing on the road after parking their car. Meanwhile, he saw a girl hanging from the window of a nearby building. A two-year-old girl was seen hanging from the fifth floor of the building. Then Shen Dong and his friend became attentive. They knew that the girl was about to fall from a height.

Shocking video

According to Metro news, Shen Dong and his friend heard a loud bang as they parked the car. Actually, a two-year-old girl fell from the 5 storey and came on the steel roof. After that she fell down. However, by then Shen Dong and his friends had reached there and miraculously saved her life by catching the girl. You can see that Shen Dong and her friends also run here and there on the sidewalk to save the girl.

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Lijian Zhao Shared the Video

The video has been shared by Chinese government official Lijian Zhao on his Twitter account. With this, he wrote in the caption, ‘Hero among us.’ Shen Dong is being praised a lot after this video surfaced.

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