Viral Video: Aashiq Awara! Man Gets Girlfriend’s Name Tattooed on Lower Lip, Netizens say Ye Pyaar Nahi…, Watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: Love knows no bounds, and sometimes, it takes some rather unique routes to express itself. One such instance has recently gone viral on the internet, leaving netizens both amused and bewildered.

Tattoo Artist Shares Video of Man Getting Girlfriend’s Name on Lip

Watch the viral video here:

In December 2023, tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal uploaded a video on Instagram that has since garnered significant attention. The video depicts the process of tattooing the name “Amruta” on a man’s lower lip. The caption simply stated “Love,” leaving viewers to interpret the gesture in their own way.

Viral Video Sparks Amusing Online Reactions

The video, with over 9 million views, has generated a variety of reactions online. Many social media users found the act humorous, with some even commenting ‘Ye pyaar nahi pagal pan hai’ (This is not love, this is madness). Others expressed their amusement through comments, highlighting the unusual location chosen for the tattoo.

Love in the Age of Social Media

While grand gestures of love have existed for centuries, the advent of social media has added a new dimension to their expression. The possibility of viral fame and public scrutiny creates a complex situation where genuine displays of affection can become intertwined with the desire for online validation.

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