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Viral Video: Adorable Lion Cub Cuddles with Mom

Viral Video: Usually when we think of lions, we imagine terrifying beasts, roaring and staking their territory. However, in reality, when not bothered by man, they are also living creatures, and share bonds with each other, just like us humans.

A video is going viral of an adorable cub cuddling up to presumably his mother. The heartwarming video clip is from the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa. In the video, a lionness is seen laying peacefully as her cub is wandering around, probably bored. Finally, the cub walks up to the mother and tries to squeeze between her front legs for a cuddle. Of course, the mother accepts the love with open arms, pulling the cub in, then wrapping her legs around the cub tightly, squeezing him lovingly to her chest. Once the cute cub has had enough of the cuddling and gets bored, he walks away again.

The video was originally from Nat Geo Wild, but was reposted by Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nanda. It has garnered nearly 50K views, with the caption, “The cuddle💕 (VC:Nat Geo wild)”

Instances like this are not unheard of, albeit, with a shrinking habitat, climate change and poaching, they can become rarer. The African Lion is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List assessment.

The comment section was filled with hearts and love-emojis as netizens gushed over the heartwarming video.

One user referenced the disney movie Lion King, saying, “Simba and sarabi!”

Another user commented, “Mother’s love😘💗,” while another echoed the statement, saying, “Nothing like a mother’s cuddle.”

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