Viral Video: Arun Govil Trolled for Lack of Awareness, Should Actors Be Well Informed About Public Issues Before Seeking Votes?

Arun Govil Viral Video

Viral Video: In a recent incident that sparked controversy, Arun Govil, renowned for his role in Ramayan and BJP’s candidate for the Meerut Lok Sabha seat, found himself embroiled in online criticism after a viral video showed him grappling with questions regarding public issues.

Online Backlash

The video, widely shared on social media platforms, depicted a reporter questioning Govil about the public matters he intends to address. Govil’s response, indicating that he hadn’t delved into those issues yet and was primarily focused on campaigning, drew sharp rebuke from netizens. Many expressed disappointment and skepticism, with some advising voters to think carefully before casting their ballots.

Arun Govil’s Candidacy

At 66 years old, Arun Govil stepped into the political arena, taking over the Meerut parliamentary seat candidacy from the three-time MP, Rajendra Agarwal. Expressing his gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the selection committee, Govil pledged to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to him by the BJP and the people of Meerut.

Addressing the Criticism

While Govil’s supporters rallied behind him, emphasizing his potential to serve effectively, others raised pertinent questions about the role of actors turned politicians. They argued that individuals seeking public office should possess a comprehensive understanding of the issues affecting their constituents, irrespective of their previous profession.

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