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Viral Video: Child Jumps into a Puddle in the Netherlands

Viral Video: One of the most cherished memories most children have is playing in puddles after rain. It was so much fun, gathering with your friends, or even alone, and jumping around in water that was collected in divots after heavy rainfall. 

A video is going viral featuring exactly this situation. A young boy in the Netherlands is seen wearing a yellow raincoat in the rain, standing on the pavement next to a bunch of bikes. The boy hesitates for merely a second, before plopping down onto the ground in a big puddle, hands spread in freedom.

The adorable video was posted on the Twitter page @buitengebieden and has gone viral, with over 26 million views, 1 million likes, and 207 thousand retweets. 

Netizens were in awe of the adorable child and were reminiscing their own childhoods after watching the video. 

Many commented on the nostalgic video about how they wish they could go back to this age of innocence, when you do whatever makes you happy, without caring about what other people will say.

One user commented, “I kinda wanna do this but I’m a stupid adult and people would care😞,” while another said, “A free spirit. I love it. I was the same when it came to puddles.”

Another user commented, “Embrace the chaos, my child!”

One lady commented a sweet story about her experience with the rain with her daughter, saying, “Once upon a time…in a place far far away…natural rain kept the world alive.  It was not used for destructive purposes.  A few yrs. ago my daughter came home to a gentle rain, and we put all our stuff inside the door and went out and danced in the rain.  It was great!”

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