Viral Video: Crocodile Takes Holy Dip at Kanpur Ganga Ghat, Stirs Panic and Curiosity, Watch

Viral Video

Viral Video: In yet another alarming incident, residents of Kanpur were sent into a frenzy as a crocodile was sighted at the Bhairav Ghat along the Ganga river on January 30th. The unsettling encounter unfolded as locals noticed the reptile making its way to the riverbanks, prompting immediate concern among onlookers.

Crocodile Spotted Near Bhairav Ghat

The tranquility of the Bhairav Ghat in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur was disrupted when a sizable crocodile was spotted near its vicinity. With the reptile edging closer to the Ganga ghat, residents swiftly captured the unfolding drama on camera, capturing the crocodile’s perilous proximity to the area.

Watch the viral video here:

Fear Grips Locals

The sudden appearance of the crocodile instigated fear and panic among locals congregating near the ghat. Given the potential danger posed by the large reptile, apprehension rippled through the crowd, with concerns mounting over the safety of individuals frequenting the area, particularly those partaking in ritualistic baths in the sacred Ganga river.

Response and Resolution

Prompt action was taken by residents upon spotting the crocodile, with authorities swiftly alerted to the situation. The timely intervention led to the dispersal of the gathering crowd, averting a potential confrontation with the crocodile. Emergency services, including the forest department, were summoned to address the situation, ensuring public safety remained paramount.

Crocodile Behavior

It’s speculated that the crocodile ventured towards the riverbank in search of sunbathing spots, a behavior observed in reptiles seeking warmth. However, the commotion caused by onlookers prompted the crocodile to retreat back into the waters, restoring calm to the area.

Incident Recap

This incident echoes a similar occurrence at Kanpur’s Rani Ghat, where another crocodile made a brief appearance near the river’s pumping station. Fortunately, no harm was reported, and the reptile retreated into the waters without incident, underscoring the need for vigilance along the riverbanks.

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