Viral Video: Delhi Vada Pav Queen Claims Her Recipe is Unbeatable – But What’s the Secret?

Viral video

A viral video has sparked a debate online, featuring a Delhi street vendor who claims her vada pav is unbeatable. The video has garnered immense attention, leaving many to wonder – what’s so special about this particular vada pav?

The “Secret” Revealed

In the video, the vendor confidently asserts that no one else can make vada pav quite like hers. But when pressed for her secret ingredient, her answer is surprisingly simple: there isn’t one. She uses common ingredients like Fortune oil, Rajdhani gram flour, and ginger-garlic paste.

She attributes the vada pav’s popularity to a unique quality – “the taste of her hands.” This intangible element, according to her, is what sets her creation apart.

Price and Popularity

The video also highlights the price and popularity of the vada pav. She offers three varieties: regular vada pav, aloo vada pav, and cheese aloo vada pav. The “big pav” is priced at Rs 30, which some viewers on social media found expensive.

Despite the price, she claims her stall in Mangal Bazaar, Uttam Nagar East, sees customers devouring one or two plates on the spot and taking home an additional 12-13 plates for takeaway.

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