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Viral Video: Elephants Collect Sugarcane Tax

Viral Video: A video featuring two elephants is going viral, grabbing the attention of all internet users. The video is the kind of animal video which will instantly lift your mood. In the heartwarming video, two elephants can be seen collecting a ‘sugarcane tax’ from a truck loaded with sugarcanes. 

The viral video was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter. In the video, one adult elephant and a baby elephant can be seen stopping a truck full of sugarcane in the middle of the jungle.

Both the elephants do not move an inch until they were offered sugarcane. Well, the caption of the video says it all, as Kaswan wrote, “What will you call this tax.”

The video features a truck laden with sugarcane, and these elephants do not let the vehicle move until a man throws some sugarcane from the top of the truck over the road to distract them. As soon as the elephants received the sugarcane treat, they instantly cleared the path. In the video, one can see how other vehicles also stop in order to watch these adorable animals being fed.

Netizens React

The video was received with enthusiasm by internet users and is going now viral. It has received 2 million views so far, and over 65 thousand likes. People left their reactions to the video in the comments.

One user wrote, “Natural Tax…Born by Nature…Jo jiska hai usee jarur Milega”, while another user wrote, “This is called love and affection tax”, these elephants are taking toll tax said the third user as he wrote, “Toll collection”. 

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