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Viral Video: Horrible! Son and Daughter-in-Law Beat Mentally Challenged Father, Disturbing Image and Video Surface

Shocking Incident Unveiled: Elderly Abuse in Shivpuri Caught on Viral Video

Viral Video: A shocking incident has come to light in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, where a video capturing the cruelty of a son and daughter-in-law towards the elderly father has gone viral. The accused, Hemant Mittal, has been accused of brutally beating and dragging his mentally ill father, sparking outrage among the locals.

Viral Video Exposes Brutality

Watch the viral video here:

Neighbors, disturbed by the daily sounds of fighting and the screams of the elderly man, decided to take action. They secretly recorded the disturbing scenes and took pictures of the abuse, which they then shared with the local authorities. The video depicts the horrific treatment meted out to the elderly father, prompting swift action from concerned citizens and law enforcement.

Allegations Against the Accused

Hemant Mittal, a Patwari in the Revenue Department, stands accused of not only physically assaulting his father but also of embezzlement in flood relief funds. He was suspended from his post following the embezzlement allegations and subsequently attached to Vijaypur tehsil. However, his suspension did not deter his alleged abusive behavior towards his father, as evidenced by the viral video.

Community Outcry and Legal Action

The circulation of the video has sparked widespread outrage within the community, with many demanding justice for the elderly victim. The local police have launched an investigation into the matter and are taking appropriate legal action against the accused.

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