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Viral Video: Interesting! Popular Vlogger Compares Indian Food to American Food on Flight, Check Netizens React

Explore the viral showdown as vlogger Karl Rock rates inflight meals from India and the USA, igniting global debate on airline cuisine

Viral Video: In a recent viral video, popular travel vlogger Karl Rock stirred up the internet by comparing the inflight meals of Indian and American airlines. The clip, which has garnered nearly 800K views on YouTube, showcases Rock’s firsthand experience with premium economy meals during a flight from Delhi to New York with American Airlines.

Indian vs. American Inflight Cuisine

Watch the viral video here:


Rock begins by highlighting the quality disparity between the meals served on his journey. Departing from India, he expresses delight in the Indian airline’s offerings, praising the flavorful chicken dish accompanied by fresh vegetables, salad, curd, and dessert. The breakfast spread, featuring an omelette, sausages, bread roll, fruits, and curds, further impresses Rock, who remarks on the noticeable step up from standard economy fare.

However, the tone shifts upon receiving his American Airlines meals. Rock’s disappointment is palpable as he describes the rubbery, processed chicken, bland rice, and lackluster presentation resembling “American jail food.” Despite his affinity for American cuisine, Rock laments the uninspired inflight offerings, comparing them unfavorably to the vibrant flavors of India.

Netizens React: A Range of Opinions

The video’s comment section reflects a spectrum of reactions from viewers. Some viewers applauded Rock for showcasing the “positive aspects of Indian cuisine,” while others playfully teased him about being “spoiled by the delicious Indian meal.” Comments ranged from expressing sympathy for the unappetizing American meals to making witty observations about airlines using parsley as a mere garnish to enhance the visual appeal of their food.

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