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Viral Video: Little Boy Helps His Sister Score a Basket

Viral Video: The bond between siblings is truly a unique thing. One minute they can be fighting like cats and dogs, and the next they’ll be snuggled up together, thick as thieves.

A video is going viral, of an adorable show of sibling love. A little girl and her brother, are shown playing basketball in their yard. The little boy urges his sister to ‘throw it’ but the ball bounces off the hoop and promptly hits her in the face.

 However, super-bro comes to the rescue. As she cries, he rushes over to calm her and kisses her better.

Then, in the most heart-warming of moments, he tenderly coaches her with the words “It’s okay, you’re strong.” Later in the video, the youngster gets his sister to try again, saying, “Now I’m going to carry you,” and lifts her up to the hoop to help her make the basket. 

The pair succeed and the tot celebrates by planting a big kiss on his sister’s cheek.

It is a sweet moment of encouragement, empathy, and brotherly love.

The two siblings are sure to have their fair share of battles and their home life isn’t always as harmonious, but this little girl looks to have a pal and supporter for life.

The video was reposted by the Twitter page @cctv_idiots and has garnered nearly 200K views and 5K likes. Sharing the video on Instagram, their mom said: ‘My babies are going viral spreading a message of positivity, support, and love.’

The internet fell in love with this beautiful relationship, commenting things like, “This is just so heartwarming 🥰👍”

Meanwhile, others are pointing out what the behind-the-scenes are, probably out of experience, “skip ahead 10 years where as teens they are trying to kill each other until their early twenties where they once again become best friends.”

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