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Viral Video: Man Reverses Car Along Narrow Ledge

Viral Video: Every day, people do something or the other on the internet that shocks netizens. Adrenaline junkies exist in every corner of the world, and they love to post videos displaying their antics to the world, in hopes of them going viral.

One such group succeeded, as their video is going viral now. The video is reportedly from the mountains of Southwest China. 

In the video, a group of men are in a car on the side of a mountain. The mountain road is extremely narrow and looks very dangerous to even drive normally on. However, these men take things to the next level, by trying to reverse the car on this narrow ledge. The car is barely staying on the road, and there is a threat of toppling over at any moment. 

The heart-stopping video was posted by the Twitter page TheFigen, accumulating over 13 million views, and 258 thousand likes. 


The comment section was flooded with comments from netizens, some shocked, and some in disbelief. Many believed that the video is fake and made using CGI, only for attention and views.

One user said, “The skill level is impressive no matter the angle or the circumstances but the stakes are not. Also, this is a showcase and there is no ongoing traffic to fall on.”

Another user questioned why the men decided to do something so dangerous when there were other options, “why didn’t they just turn round 20 meters up the road where there seemed to be a decent space ?”

A third person said what they would do in such a situation,  “That is an experienced driver. 

One I would never drive on that road. 

But for whatever reason, if I was on that road I would abandon the vehicle.”

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