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Viral Video: Man Surfs with Two Dogs Riding Five-Foot Wave

Viral Video: A video is going viral featuring a man surfing with two dogs on paddle board riding five-foot waves.

An Australian man is seen on a paddle board with his two dogs standing behind him as he catches the waves before he ducks to allow them to jump over him to the front of the board.

At first, they hang back, and then the man gestures so the dogs jump over his head to come to the front, all while riding a five-foot wave.

The video was posted by the Twitter page TheFigen and has over 6 million views and 235 thousand likes.

Netizens Astounded by Surfing Dogs

This video broke the internet, with thousands of commenters talking about the odd sight of dogs surfing. Some people were in two minds about the safety of the dogs, however, most people said that the video cheered them up significantly.

One user commented, “This video made my weekend.”

Another said, “Indeed! This made my day too seeing dogs enjoying surfing as well. What a sight to see.”

Mirroring most of our feelings, users also commented, “I have watched and watched and watched. Can’t seem to get bored. Bravo to these brave dudes!” and “These pups are about 500% cooler than I’ll ever be.”

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