Viral Video: Nivetha Pethuraj’s Heated Argument with Hyderabad Police Leaves Netizens in Shock, Is There More Than What Meeta The Eye – Watch

Nivetha Pethuraj's Controversial Encounter with Hyderabad Police Goes Viral, Sparking Speculation Among Fans

Viral Video

Viral Video: A viral video of South Indian actress Nivetha Pethuraj in a heated altercation with cops has gone viral and created a lot of talk on social media. According to reports, Pethuraj was stopped while driving her car in Hyderabad.

War of Words Over Car Trunk

In the video that has gone viral shows Pethuraj was asked to open her car’s trunk by the cops and the actress argued with the authorities after refusing to open it. When Pethuraj protested to the police recording the talk, the situation became even more heated. The entire event was captured on camera, and social media users have shared it extensively.

Fans Speculate: Promotional Gimmick or Genuine Incident?

Fans are debating if the video is legitimate or not. Many believe it may be a promotional ploy for Pethuraj’s next movie. Some social media users have commented, “Looks like a staged scene” and “Bad acting,” while others have brought out the fact that the police officer in the video seems to be wearing casual footwear.

Possible Link to Upcoming Movie?

Interestingly, Nivetha Pethuraj is filming the Telugu version of “Soppana Sundari,” a dark comedy-thriller. Some people believe that the viral video is a movie promotion tactic because of its timing.

Pethuraj’s Last Release

The most recent movie in which Pethuraj appeared was the Tamil-Telugu horror thriller “Boo,” which debuted on a streaming platform.

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