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Viral Video: Pigeon Enjoys Shower Under Hose Amid Europe Heat Wave

Viral Video: The heatwave in Europe is causing humans and animals to suffer alike. From hedgehogs to birds to insects, the extreme temperatures and lack of rain have taken a toll on animals of all sizes.

A video is going viral of a pigeon, a very common bird often seen flying around outside, bathing in the water from a person’s hose, happy to escape from the searing heat.

The video, posted by Susanta Nanda, an IFS officer, has gone viral, with people immensely amused by the bird’s human-like actions and clear pleasure in escaping the scorching heat. In the video, a man is holding up a water hose to a pigeon on the hood of a car, as the pigeon drinks water from the hose and also sits patiently as it is being showered with water.

The video has garnered over 18K views and has hundreds of comments from people relating to the bird. 

Netizens Feel Kinship with the Poor Pigeon

The comment section of the video has flooded with people laughing at the comical actions of the bird, as well as feeling sorry for it.

One user commented, “Really fascinating.” While another commented, “So wonderful, really blessed attitude towards birds and animals.”

Other users commented on the water benign wasted, with one user saying, “Nice ! But how much water is being wasted here, instead they could keep the same amount of water in a bowl and more than one bird could have benefited. Just a thought !!!”

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