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Viral Video: Pitbull Bites 10-Year-Old In Ghaziabad Park

Viral Video: On Thursday, a 10-year-old boy who went to play in the park in Sanjaynagar, Ghaziabad was attacked by a pitbull dog. The dog bites on the face of the child playing in the park. The child was seriously injured in this attack. He has got about 150 stitches on his face. The family alleges that a teenager was roaming around with the dog. Earlier, a video of the lift of a society in Ghaziabad had gone viral in which a child was bitten by a pet dog while his mistress was present on the spot.

The Municipal Corporation has imposed a fine of Rs 5000 in this regard.

The child who reached home after being in the hospital for three days is shocked. The video went viral on social media on Thursday after CCTV footage of the September 3 incident was found. It is 23 seconds. It is seen that the daughter of Lalit Tyagi of the colony is walking the dog. At a distance Kush is playing with friends. Suddenly the dog releases from the girl’s hand and swoops down on Kush by running with lightning speed. When he falls down, the dog keeps biting him for ten seconds.

Pitbull attacks have become more frequent among dangerous breed dogs. A dog of the same breed had killed 80-year-old mistress Sushila Tripathi on July 13 in Lucknow.

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