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Viral Video: Real Life Car Chase on Ghaziabad Road Beats Reel Life Sequences! Man Drives Hyundai i20 in Reverse to Dodge Police, Watch

Viral Video: Car Drives in Reverse on Ghaziabad Highway During Police Chase

Viral Video

A recent viral video has set the internet ablaze, showcasing a high-octane chase involving Ghaziabad Police on the iconic Shri Ram Setu. The footage, reminiscent of Bollywood’s adrenaline-fueled sequences, captured the daring escapade as a white Hyundai i-20 evaded law enforcement in a dramatic showdown.

The Chase Unfolds

watch the viral video here:

In the heart-pounding 42-second clip, Ghaziabad Police can be seen hot on the heels of the elusive car, as it maneuvers skillfully in reverse on the elevated road. Despite the police’s persistent pursuit, the driver’s audacious attempts to evade capture lent an air of suspense to the unfolding drama.

A Bollywood-esque Escape

In a move straight out of the movies, the driver’s daring antics, including zigzagging in reverse gear, lent a cinematic flair to the spectacle. The video, captured by an onlooker from the opposite lane, captured the surreal chase as it unfolded on the Shri Ram Setu formerly known as Elevated road.

Police Efforts

Reports suggest that despite efforts by the police to stop the vehicle, the driver remained undeterred, continuing to evade authorities. The Ghaziabad Police found themselves in a relentless pursuit, but the ultimate fate of the driver, whether they successfully escaped or if further developments occurred, remains unclear.

No Harm Done

Fortunately, amidst the high-stakes chase, no injuries were reported, and the absence of any accidents ensured a fortunate outcome. Despite the pulse-pounding nature of the incident, no further police action has been reported, leaving the viral video as a testament to the unexpected twists of real-life drama.

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