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Viral Video: Selfie Crazy People Getting Too Close To An Erupting Volcano, Netizens Not Impressed

Viral Video: A video of numerous people standing near a volcano eruption has gone insanely viral on social media. Several online users have expressed concern about this. They may be seen in the video being too close to the slope where the eruption is occurring. Viral Hog released the video, which has received over 20,000 views.

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A group of individuals can be seen in the video taking photos and videos while standing near to the eruption location. However, the lava quickly begins to flow downward. While some visitors hastened back to safety, others simply observed the scene in pure delight.

The video’s description reads, “That seems a little too near for comfort.”


Netizens React

Because of the viral video, internet users are extremely worried for the safety of the tourists. “Place your phone in your pocket and take off!” a user commented.

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Do you believe that these individuals disregarded their safety and stood too close to the eruption? Another wrote.

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