Viral Video: Shocking! Anything for Eyeballs! Police Barricade Set Ablaze to Film Instagram Reel, 1 Arrested

Viral video

Viral video: In a shocking incident, a social media influencer in Delhi has been arrested after a video circulated online showing him setting a police barricade on fire for an Instagram reel. The video, which has sparked outrage among netizens, also features a gold-chrome wrapped Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, which was seen blocking traffic on a flyover just a day earlier in another viral video.

Influencer Creates Ruckus with Gold-Plated Truck

Watch the viral video here:

The now-viral video shows the influencer setting a police barricade ablaze. The gold-plated pickup truck, with flashing red and blue lights, is parked prominently behind the barricade. The influencer then casually strolls around the burning barricade and poses with his car for the camera, seemingly unconcerned about the potential consequences of his actions.

This blatant disregard for the law and safety resulted in an FIR being lodged at the Nihal Vihar police station. The influencer has been identified and arrested, with efforts to apprehend other accomplices ongoing according to the Delhi Police.

Previous Stunt Leads to Online Fury

This arrest comes after another video featuring the same influencer and his gold-plated truck went viral on social media the previous day. In that video, the influencer caused traffic chaos by parking his extravagant vehicle in the middle of a busy flyover, while posing for an Instagram reel. The video also showed him recklessly maneuvering the truck through traffic with the driver’s door open, endangering himself and others. This reckless behavior drew widespread criticism online, with netizens demanding strict action against the influencer.

Public Outcry

The netizens expressed their outrage on social media platforms, calling out the influencer’s dangerous antics and labeling him irresponsible. Many urged authorities, including the Delhi Police and Home Minister Amit Shah, to take action against this self-proclaimed social media star.

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