Viral Video: Silly! Students Denied Entry to Group-1 Exam for Arriving Just One Minute Late, Netizens React with Outrage

Watch the Viral Video of Students Pleading to Enter Group-1 Exam After Being Denied Entry for Arriving Just One Minute Late

Viral Video

Viral Video: Social media is ablaze with a video that went viral and exposed the anguish of applicants who were turned away from a Group-1 examination centre because they were only one minute late. The incident has intensified the national debate and protests surrounding the NEET 2024 results, which has been going on for some time.

Viral Video Ignites Public Outcry

The video, which was shared on the X (formerly Twitter) handle “Ghar Ke Kalesh,” depicts a heartbreaking situation at an exam centre. In the video, students in a frantic attempt to enter are heard begging the officials and police to let them in, citing their future opportunities. All of the candidates who arrived late were rejected, despite their sincere pleas.

Students’ Pleas Ignored by Authorities

A large number of students can be seen showing up at the exam centre shortly after the official entry time in the widely shared video. They plead with the police and authorities to be allowed access, and their sorrow is evident. Sadly, their requests were turned down, which made them have to go back home. Since it was posted on June 9th, the video has received over 600,000 views and is still fast gaining popularity on social media.

Internet Reacts with Outrage

Internet users are feeling angry and frustrated as a result of the viral video. One user wrote, “This is utter nonsense, students should be allowed atleast 10 min post starting exam, but they shouldn’t be given extra time for the exam.” Another user said, “Every second is important, it’s not the fault of authorities that you came late.” A third user commented, “what a pity!! all the hardwork is gone.”

Protests Intensify Amid NEET 2024 Controversy

The nation is already in disarray over the NEET 2024 results at the time of this occurrence. In an effort to get answers and accountability for the purported flaws in the exam process, students are staging street protests. The public outrage and pressure on authorities to address the students concerns have intensified.

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