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Viral Video: What happened when a girl gets back her vision for the first time?

Viral Video: Eyes are said to be the most precious treasure of the world. If there are no eyes, then life has no meaning. There is only darkness in life. If this darkness gets a ray of light, then life gets the meaning of living. One such video is going viral on social media which will touch your heart.

What happened when a girl gets back her eyesight ?

In the video going viral, you can see that the eyes of a small girl have been transplanted. When she looks at the world with new eyes for the first time, mother present there gets emotional. This heart touching video has been shared on Twitter from the account @TheFigen.


In the video you can see that, during this, the girl cried a lot, cried loudly, it was difficult to stop her, but the mother kept her courage, both for herself and for the child. Then as soon as the blindfold came off, she slowly tried to open his eyes for the first time in the bright light. But the light was unbearable for him. Because of which she is crying a lot. Meanwhile, when the baby girl sees the world with new eyes for the first time, she gets shocked. During this, the mother is also looking at the child in surprise. The girl gets to see the world only because someone thought of donating the organ. The donaters are the hope of rise for such childrens.

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Mother’s eyes filled with tears on seeing the child

Seeing the light of her little girl’s eyes, the mother’s eyes fill with tears and she clings to her baby and starts crying. This mother-daughter video is very emotional. Seeing which everyone is not able to stop himself without commenting. Do tell by commenting how you liked this video.

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