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Viral Video: Why do women get into fights over Men?

Viral Video: So, there is a common saying which we often get to hear, ‘Bros for life’ then there is another one, ‘put your bros or friends over your girlfriends’. But if men can plan to do the same why can’t Women think the same way about female friendships? Why can’t we choose sisterhood over male attention? If people love that ‘bro connection’ in ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ and appreciate that ending, where ‘Titu’ chooses his childhood friend over his would be wife, then why can’t we appreciate that women bond and why is sisterhood still that uncommon?

Two girls fight over Boyfriend in Bhopal

A video from Bhopal is going viral, where two tipsy girls engaged in a fight over what? a boyfriend. (Say what?) and This happened in front of a bar, where the fight led to the two girls physically attacking each other by pulling hair, punching as well as kicking. Later the police arrested the two girls along with their friends and released them after they offered a proper apology.

Time to think about it…

So, let us make it very clear that this isn’t the first time that this has happened in the country. Similar cases have been witnessed where two women fight over a man, somehow desiring for that ‘man’s validation.’
Even when It’s a new dress , an achievement in work, or a big decision in life; women mostly tend to trust the approval of men more than themselves. Why? is that male approval really needed? And don’t you think this factor somehow widens that gap between the two genders in our male dominant society?

Even Daily soaps encourages that kind of idea

Remember when Tulsi (Smriti Irani from ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi Bahu Thi’) had to fight with The ‘other women’ played by Mandira Bedi in her husbands life (Played by Ronit Roy) in order to win her husband back. Like really? Isn’t it just high time to understand, that if that particular man has opted to betray you, then he isn’t really worth it.
Well, Daily soaps are somehow leading to question our Self worth. So dear girls, why do you let your worth be dependent on a male’s approval? Why opt for violence to get that unnecessary male attention? Think about it!

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