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Why #Boycottfrenchproduct is trending in twitter

After the sensational incident of a school teacher in France showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed and then beheading him, Muslims across the world were angry against France for the way Macron defended the mockery of religion. is. People in Syria burnt pictures of the French president, French flags were lit in the Libyan capital Tripoli, while French goods were withdrawn from supermarkets in Qatar, Kuwait and other Gulf countries.

Around 10,000 people from an Islamist group marched in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in protest against the display of a satirical portrait of Prophet Muhammad in France, and the group’s leader worldwide Urged Muslims to boycott French products (Boycott).

This is not the first incident of Islamic fundamentalism in France, in the same year there was a terrorist attack recently near the old office of France’s Charley Hebdo. The attack took place against the printing of Prophet Mohammed’s cartoon again in the Charlie Hebdo magazine. Earlier in 2015, there was a terrorist attack in the office of Sharley Hebdo after printing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. In which many journalists lost their lives

On social media, there is a campaign for boycott of all French products, meanwhile France has requested Arab countries to stop the boycott of French products.

The hashtag #BoycottFrenchProducts, #BoycottFrance Products, #boycottfrance #boycott_French_products #ProphetMuhammad is trending on Twitter.

In many countries, social media users have changed their profile pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the banner of “Muhammad Messenger of Allah”.

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