Well-trained Dancer Besides acting and modeling, Adah Sharma is a well-trained Kathak dancer and got trained from Natraj Gopi Krishna Kathak Dance University, located in Mumbai, India.

8 Interesting Facts about Actress Adah Khan

Leisure-time Activities During her free time, the actress Adah Sharma loves watching movies, writing evil poems, mimicking people, and playing the piano.

Favorite Food Despite being a fitness freak, Adah Sharma never compromises on her favorite food items as she loves eating Sambar Rice and Rasam Rice as both are her most favorite food items.

Favorite Actors She adores Johny Depp, Edie Redmayne, Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Madhubala, Vijayanthiamala, Kate Winslet, and Amy Adams

Favorite Musicians/Film The actress is a music lover and mostly loves listening to her all-time favorite musicians and singers including Lugwig Van Beethoven among others who is blessed with a super melodious voice. While her favorite film is King Kong.

Fitness Lover Adah Sharma is known for being a fitness freak as she loves maintaining her overall body weight by following her workout regime and a proper nutritionist diet.

Aspired to be… In an interview, the ravishing beau revealed that she wanted to become a circus performer but later, she developed her interest in acting and she pursued it as a career.

Multi-talented Star Adah Sharma is a multi-talented actress who flaunts her acting skills but not limited to just it, yet a model as well and has worked for many notable brands for which she got appreciated by everyone including her fans and followers