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Afghanistan: Conflict between Baradar faction and Haqqani escalated, NRF claims – Baradar injured in mutual firing

A tussle has broken out between the Baradar faction and the Haqqani network over a key position in the new government in Afghanistan. For this reason, the Taliban had to postpone the formation of the government for three to four days. To pacify this turmoil, Pakistan had to send intelligence agency chief General Faiz Hameed to Kabul.

It is being claimed that Haqqani network leaders Anas Haqqani and Khalil Haqqani also clashed with Mullah Baradar and Mullah Yakub. The Haqqani network is demanding a bigger stake in the government and the post of defense minister, while the Taliban is unwilling to give that much. For this reason, the Taliban could not announce the government.

The dispute between Baradar and the Haqqani network continues to escalate. Mullah Omar’s son Mullah Yacoub wants to take on the role of head of the powerful Taliban military commission. His job would be to oversee a vast network of Taliban field commanders. This position is considered extremely powerful and respected in the Taliban government.

Controversy over donation amount –

The Taliban has collected large sums of money in the form of donations from the tribal chiefs. The amount was to be used after the conquest of Afghanistan. Now Kabul has also been captured by the Taliban, so the Haqqani network is asking for a share in this money. At the same time, Yakub does not want to give a single penny to Haqqani.

Mulla Yakub also angry with the team of Doha office-

The Taliban’s political leadership had also agreed to give the Haqqani network some key positions in the government. Anas Haqqani was also entrusted with the security of the capital immediately after the capture of Kabul. Mulla Yakub was very angry with this decision. Yacoub has said that leaders who live a life of luxury in Doha cannot impose conditions on those involved in fighting on the ground.

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