Any attempt to arrest Vladimir Putin would be declaration of war: Medvedev

The issuance of an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court (ICC) has become a topic of discussion worldwide. At the same time, the Russian government has flared up on this order of ICC. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia and former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev threatened to fire a missile at the ICC office. After that, now he has also given another warning to the western countries.

Former President of Russia said- ‘So Russian weapons will attack’

Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia will see it as a “declaration of war” if there is an attempt to arrest the Russian President abroad after a warrant issued by the ICC. He warned that any such misadventure would lead to ‘war’. Late Wednesday night, he said that if Putin is arrested, Russian weapons will not miss the attack.

“Let’s imagine — it’s clear that this is a situation that will never happen — but nevertheless let’s imagine it does,” the Putin ally said.

“The current head of a nuclear state arrives on the territory of, say, Germany, and is arrested. What is this? A declaration of war against the Russian Federation.”

Medvedev said that if this happened “all of our means, rockets and others, will fly on the Bundestag, in the Chancellor’s Office and so on.”

ICC issued warrant against Putin last week

Last week, The Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) announced an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing him of war crimes in Ukraine. After which such news started coming in the media around the world that if Putin goes somewhere outside Russia, he can be arrested there. On such warrant of ICC, Dmitry Medvedev, who was the President of Russia between 2008 and 2012, threatened to fire missiles at ICC.

Medvedev is one of Putin’s closest leaders

It is also necessary to mention here that Dmitry Medvedev is one of the closest leaders of Vladimir Putin in Russia. Medvedev has also been the Prime Minister of Russia and is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia. Just yesterday, he called the International Criminal Court (ICC) “a useless international organization” and asked its judges to keep an eye on the skies for missile strikes. This thing of his has given many headlines to the media of western countries.

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