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Baby Born With Two Penises And No Anus Stuns Doctors In Pakistan

Doctors in Pakistan were shocked when a newborn was born with two penises since the child could use them both. Due to a very uncommon medical disorder termed diphallia, the newborn has two “normal-shaped” genital regions.

The baby lacked an anus for bowel movements. One in every six million kids are thought to be born with the unusual disease. The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports published a case report on the incident.

The first known instance of diphallia dates back to 1609, and there have only been 100 occurrences reported in medical literature. According to doctors, both penises could pass pee and one was one cm longer than the other, according to a Daily Mail report.

To allow him to pass stool, the medical professionals performed a colonoscopy and a surgery to make an opening.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences’ Children’s Hospital provided medical care for the infant child. As soon as the baby was born, he was transported to the hospital’s emergency room.

There is no history of birth defects in his family.

The other phallus was 2.5 centimetres long, whereas the first one was 1.5 cm long. The youngster could urinate from both penises because he had a single bladder connected to two urethras.

After the surgery, the youngster was under monitoring for two days. After that, he was released and a follow-up visit was scheduled. Since there are no single known risk factors for diphallia, its cause is unknown.

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