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Belgium Government announces 4-day work week; right to disconnect after office hours

These days the discussion about the new labor law is very fast all over the world including India. In fact, in many countries, there is a lot of talk about the employees working four days a week. This rule is also applicable in many countries. Now Belgium has also been included in this list. The Belgium government has given its employees the option to work four days a week without a pay cut.

A deal has been reached between labor unions and business groups in Belgium, which is being seen as a series of labor market reforms. In Belgium, for a long time, there was a voice for reforms of labor laws, after which there have been long talks between labor unions and business groups. Now taking a decision, the government has announced that work can be done four days a week.

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There is a funniest rule in this order, which is also very much liked by the people, that after the end of the shift, you can turn off all your work related devices and after that you can also ignore any message from boss or office. If the boss gives any order after office hours, then you also have the right to ignore it. For this, you will not get any penalty for going to the office the next day.

Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that due to Covid-19, ‘new ways of working’ have come into play and now more leeway will be given to employees and employers. With this new change, full-time employees will be entitled to work four days a week. For this they have to get permission from their employer. The Prime Minister said that the employer can turn down the employee’s demand for four days’ work, but he will have to give a concrete reason in writing for doing so.

It is worth noting that apart from Belgium, Britain is also going to implement this rule in its country. However, there this rule will be applicable from the month of June. Here the work will be implemented as a first trial four days a week. At present, 30 companies have given their consent for this.

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