Big Pakistan Shocker! UK Visa Office in Karachi Plays Adult Video on Public Screen

Gerry's Visa Centre Makes a Huge Mistake

Gerry's Visa Centre Makes a Huge Mistake

A shocking incident took place at a UK Visa Office in Karachi, Pakistan when one of the TV screens at the official premises aired obscene content. Gerry’s Visa Centre accidentally displayed an adult video on the large screen while people were standing in the queue with their documents. The incident was recorded on camera and the footage has now surfaced online.

The video opens showing the scenes from a visa office in Karachi where people had arrived to get their travel procedure done. However, the camera zooms into a public television there to highlight what it mistakenly displayed. It showed adult content on the large screen. The sensual content surfaced on the screen in the presence of people including women and a security personnel. A while into the error, the staff at the office took charge of the matter and switched the TV off.

Twitter users were shocked and disappointed by the incident

Adding to the discourse, one Twitter user expressed their concern, writing, this is a very serious incident and it is clear that Gerry’s Visa Centre needs to take steps to ensure that this does not happen again. They should review their procedures and make sure that all staff are aware of the company’s policy on what can and cannot be displayed on public screens. They should also apologize to the people who were affected by this incident.

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