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Harvey Weinstein: ‘Thankful I wasn’t raped,’ Actress Claims Harvey Masturbated, Ejaculated Over Her Breasts and Face

Harvey Weinstein: According to a supporting witness who testified on Thursday. Harvey Weinstein masturbated on her in his hotel room in 2003. During her testimony, former actress Ashley Matthau, a “previous bad acts” witness whose allegations are not included in the 11 counts of sexual assault against Weinstein, appeared obviously shaken, according to Variety.

As she was being sworn in, Matthau’s hand began to tremble and she started crying without saying a word. While she waited for Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez to start her interrogation, Matthau wiped away her tears with a tissue and inhaled deeply and laboriously.
When Martinez enquired as to her mood, Matthau responded, “I’m terribly upset.”
Matthau was led out the courtroom by an escort after Judge Lisa B. Lench advised her to take a break.

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Matthau’s serious allegations on Harvey Weinstein

When she returned, Matthau testified that Weinstein had sex with her at his hotel in Puerto Rico in 2003 while she was filming a small part for the ‘Havana Nights’ prequel to the ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie.

When asked to characterise the defendant, Matthau avoided looking directly at Weinstein and first mistook the colour of his suit jacket for blue before correcting herself.

At the time of the alleged occurrence, Matthau, a former dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, was 22 years old. On the set, she claimed Weinstein approached her and requested to go outside and talk. He indicated he wanted a “naked massage” from her after telling her how attractive she was, according to Matthau’s testimony.

He asked for her fiance’s name, director Charlie Matthau, son of actor Walter Matthau, and claimed to know him when she said, “No, I’m engaged.”

Then, according to Matthau, he proposed that it be a “naked massage” between friends.

Matthau remembered, “He said he did it with Gwyneth Paltrow, ‘look what I did to her career.'” 

According to Matthau, she later called her mother and fiance, who recommended her to get assistance. However, neither the choreographer nor the producer to whom Matthau confided did anything to help.

She reported that Weinstein and his assistant, Bonnie Hung, were waiting in front of the set when she came back after a break for lunch.

She recalled that Hung had urged her not to worry, and added, “At that point, I felt better knowing that I wasn’t alone. I’ll be with you all the way. He only wants to discuss next projects,” Matthau recalled what she had said.

Matthau claims that the three got into a limo and went to Weinstein’s hotel, where Hung left her as soon as they entered his room.

On the witness stand, Matthau began to sob once more. She recounted Weinstein becoming combative as he “shoved” her onto the bed and removed her clothing.

As she erupted into hysteria and began sobbing, he informed her, “It’s not like we’re having sex, it’s just naked snuggling,” according to Matthau.

Matthau claimed that after straddling her, he masturbated while touching her breasts.

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“I was unsure about what to do. I was terrified” she spoke.

Matthau testified that the man ejaculated on her face and breasts.

“I just felt so grateful that I wasn’t sexually assaulted. I can still recall thinking and wiping off before quickly getting dressed and leaving “She spoke.

The defence will question Matthau in cross-examination on Friday, and at least one more Jane Doe and uncharged victim will testify the following week.

A large number of other witnesses gave testimony earlier in the day, including Alfred “Freddy” Baroth, Weinstein’s limo driver for 18 to 19 years in Los Angeles; a hotel guest who was awakened in the middle of the night by an argument in another room while staying at Mr. C, where Jane Doe #1 is alleged to have been raped; Mr. C’s current and former general managers; and Mr. C’s former director of safety and security.

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