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Heckler Refuses Handshake! Justin Trudeau Grilled Over Housing Crisis in Canada

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, is criticised for the housing crisis in an open and confrontational situation as a man declines to shake his hand.

Justin Trudeau: As Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, greeted his supporters in Toronto, a man approached him. The man refused to shake Trudeau’s hand and heckled him on things like the housing crisis and carbon prices. In a social media video that quickly gained popularity, Trudeau can be seen greeting a supporter and shaking hands. He then extends his hand in greeting to the man.

Heckler’s Fiery Exchange with Trudeau

Trudeau says, “Hey there. How are you doing?” However, the man hesitates and declines to shake hands with him. The man is heard saying that, “I am not shaking your hand. You are a piece of s**t.” The angry man then asks the very astonished Trudeau, “Why’s that, sir?” This is met with the man’s reply, “You f**ked up the entire country.” What has the man done to ruin his country, wonders Trudeau. “Can anybody afford a home?” the man asks. The Canadian leader transferred the blame on local governments, claiming that housing is not a federal responsibility.

Roots of the Housing Crisis

The Trudeau administration attributes Canada’s crisis of housing affordability to an inflow of immigrants and foreign students who have increased demand for housing. Canadians are angry as a result of the situation, and according to the majority of surveys, Trudeau’s Liberal Party will lose power to the Conservatives.

Heated Debate Over Carbon Tax

“You are charging people a carbon tax,” the man adds. You know what we are doing with that carbon tax, says Trudeau in response. “We are putting a price on pollution and we are returning it to families like yours.” The man asked again “You sent it over to Ukraine, right? You send it over to the guy slaughtering his own country.” The man’s assertion is scorned by Trudeau as “Russian propaganda”.

Trudeau Labels Criticism as Russian Disinformation Amid Diplomatic Tensions

“Have you been listening to Putin? You know a lot of Russian disinformation,” says Trudeau before leaving in his motorcade while the man keeps arguing with him. As Trudeau waves to onlookers and enters his car, the man can be heard saying that, “You got a propaganda bro. Get the f**k out of here.” In the background of Trudeau’s altercation with a guy is a growing diplomatic spat between India and Canada over the latter’s claims that New Delhi was complicit in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil.

India Rejects Canada’s Claims Amidst Trudeau’s Falling Popularity

India rejected Canada’s claim, describing it as “absurd and motivated.” According to a new poll, Trudeau’s standing with people is declining, and if elections were held right now, the Conservatives, led by opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, would win. Trudeau was rated as the worst Canadian prime minister in more than 50 years by a different poll. In Canada, elections are scheduled for 2025.

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