Iran Declares Operation ‘Concluded’ Amid Warnings to US and Israel

Israel Iran Conflict

Israel Iran Conflict: According to CNN, Iranian Army Chief of Staff Sardar Bagheri declared that the military campaign against Israel had “concluded” from Tehran’s perspective and warned that Israel’s bases would “not have any security” if the US assisted them in their potential future moves.

Condemnation and Warning from Iran’s Army

“Israel’s actions in the consulate were condemned so a response should have been given,” Bagheri said. He added that Iranian military are still on high alert even though the mission is over. The bombings this past weekend were clearly retaliatory, according to Iranian sources, after an Israeli strike on April 1 demolished an Iranian consular building in Damascus.

Iran alleges the strike claimed the lives of multiple officials, including Mohammed Reza Zahedi, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards. Israel has not accepted responsibility for the incident. The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that a “new equation” had been formed after the group attacked Israel. Iran would henceforth promptly respond to any Israeli attack on its interests, resources, or citizens, he declared.

Iranian Military Condemns Israeli Actions

“We have decided to create a new equation, which is that if from now on the Zionist regime attacks our interests, assets, personalities, and citizens, anywhere and at any point we will retaliate against them,”  Hossein Salami, the Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), made the following statement to Iranian state TV, according to CNN.

“The Honest Promise operation is a prominent and very clear example of this new equation,” Salami said. Iraq, meanwhile, announced that it has restored its airspace following an overnight closure due to Israeli attacks.

According to CNN, the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority stated on Sunday that this decision was made following the effective “mitigation of all risks” that had previously affected the security and safety of civil aviation in Iraq.

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