Iran executes first person in response to anti-hijab demonstrations

Iran Protests: According to the semi-official Tasnim news agency, Iran executed a man by hanging on Thursday for blocking a street in Tehran and assaulting a security guard with a knife. This was the first hanging related to recent anti-government riots.

One of the largest threats to the Islamic Republic since it was founded in 1979 may be seen in the nationwide demonstrations that broke out following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman, on September 16.
On Monday, the Revolutionary Guards urged the judiciary to swiftly and firmly pronounce judgments against individuals accused of “crimes against the security of the nation and Islam” as the authorities continued to repress the protesters.

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Executed man is identified as Mohsen Shekari

The man who was executed is identified as Mohsen Shekari by the Tasnim news agency, but no other information was provided.

Shekari appears in a video that was allegedly released by state media making his purported confession and sporting a bruising on his right cheek. He admits to using a knife to stab a Basij militiaman and to blocking a route with one of his buddies’ motorcycles.

According to rights organisations, Shekari was tortured and made to confess.
The news of the execution, according to James Cleverly, the British foreign minister, “outraged” him. “The world cannot turn a blind eye to the abhorrent violence committed by the Iranian regime against its own people.” 

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Germany concurred and denounced the execution.

“The Iranian regime’s contempt for humanity knows no bounds,” said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. “But the threat of execution will not stifle people’s will for freedom.”

In what it dubbed “sham trials designed to scare those engaged in the public revolt that has rocked Iran,” Amnesty International claimed that Iranian authorities are seeking the death penalty for at least 21 individuals.

It stated that “the Iranian authorities must immediately revoke all death sentences, cease all efforts to impose the death penalty, and withdraw all allegations against those detained in connection with their nonviolent protest participation.”

Iran has attributed the upheaval to its adversaries abroad, especially the US.
Judiciary spokesman Masoud Setayeshi said on Tuesday that five people indicted in the assassination of a Basij militia member, Rouhollah Ajamian, had been sentenced to death in a verdict that they can appeal.

Five alleged members of the Islamic State militant group have been charged with “war against God” for their alleged participation in the murder of Shi’ite pilgrims in October, a felony that carries a death sentence, according to a report from Iran’s semi-official news agency, ISNA, on Thursday.
Iran had been seeing an increase in executions even before the recent turmoil. For the first time in five years, according to Volker Turk, the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, the number this year apparently exceeded 400 by the end of September.

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