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Iran Protest: Over 700 Arrests Including 60 Women So Far, Police

Iran Protest: Following more than a week of demonstrations in response to the death of a young woman in detention, Iranian police have detained more than 700 people in only one region, according to a report on Saturday by Tasnim news agency.
The police chief of Guilan province, General Azizollah Maleki, declared “the arrest of 739 rioters, including 60 women,” according to Iranian media.
Iranians who have gone into neighbouring Iraq’s Kurdistan area for work warn nervously of retribution back home as deadly protests erupt in response to the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini.

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What’s the matter?

After being detained by Iran’s notorious morality police for allegedly donning a hijab headscarf in a “improper” manner, Amini passed away. On September 16, when she passed away, there was a great deal of outrage and there were unusual demonstrations.

Kawa Krimi, 50, who had travelled to Iraq from Iran to see family, claimed that the protests started in the late afternoon and went on until the early hours of the morning.

Young protesters in Iran have set Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s portraits on fire while yelling “death to the tyrant” in the streets.

Security forces have responded to protests with lethal force, and the government is now seeking to stifle reportage by limiting internet access.

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What Iranian’s have to say about the protests?

Iranians who travel to Iraq for business or to visit family claim that they are still too afraid of the fallout back home to speak candidly. Under a false name, Krimi claimed that a “wide strike” had started on Friday in his hometown of Marivan in western Iran.

He declared, “All the stores and markets are shut. Some claimed that while Amini’s passing served as a catalyst, a protracted economic crisis and a general atmosphere of repression also contributed to the outburst of rage.

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