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Iran Protests: Death Toll Reaches 92 After Police And Students Clashes Erupt

Iran Protests: The Iran Human Rights (IHR) organisation reported on Sunday (October 2) that a crackdown on widespread protests spurred by Mahsa Amini’s death on September 16 had resulted in at least 92 deaths.

The morality police allegedly jailed Amini for donning a headscarf in a “improper” manner. It’s believed that the 22-year-old passed away while being held.
Large-scale protests in Iran and internationally followed her death. The protests are currently in their third week.

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President Ebrahim Raisi declared on Sunday that Iran’s “enemies” had “failed in their conspiracy” amid rising tensions.
According to local reports cited by the Oslo-based organisation IHR, 41 more people perished in fighting on Friday in the region’s far southeast, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Additionally, it stated that the riots were sparked by claims that a local police commander had sexually molested a juvenile member of the Baluch Sunni minority.

Iranian demonstrators plead with the international community to act quickly

In order to end the death of Iranian demonstrators, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, director of IHR, pleaded with the international community to act quickly against the Islamic Republic. They referred to these actions as “crimes against humanity.”
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Police and students fight.

State-run media said that on Sunday, Iranian security forces engaged in combat with students at a prestigious university in Tehran.
According to many videos posted by the activist Twitter account 1500tasvir, which has about 160,000 followers, Sharif University, a historically important centre of resistance, was apparently surrounded by dozens of riot police.

One of the films showed security guards spraying students with tear gas while background shooting could be heard in the distance.

In another video, security guards could be seen pursuing dozens of students who were stranded in the university’s subterranean parking. The report stated that numerous students had been detained.

However, the alleged events at the institution have not been confirmed by any official authority.

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