Israel Palestine Conflict: Israel-Hamas Agreement in the Works for 5-Day Ceasefire and Hostage Freedom, Report

Israel Palestine Conflict

Israel Palestine Conflict: According to a report from the Washington Post, Israel, Hamas, and the US have tentatively negotiated an agreement that would guarantee the release of at least fifty hostages and a five-day break in the current conflict. A six-page deal said that hostages would be released every 24 hours in small batches in exchange for an Israeli military halt to its current ground campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

Spokesman Refutes Claims of Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Agreement

A spokesman for the White House, however, denied any claims that Israel and Hamas had reached an agreement on a short-term ceasefire. Adrienne Watson, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council, stated in a statement, “No deal yet but we continue to work hard to get a deal,” as Reuters reported. It was confirmed by another official that no agreement had been made.

Recap of Hamas Capture of 240 Individuals Post-October 7 Strike

It was previously reported that after the surprise strike on Israel on October 7, Hamas took nearly 240 individuals captive. The number of hostages that would be freed as part of the agreement mediated by the US is unknown. As to the Washington Post report, the police would benefit from the five-day delay as the ground activity would be observed by aerial surveillance. The goal of the operation’s brief halt in Gaza is also to enable a substantial influx of fuel and other humanitarian supplies from Egypt into the territory.

Hostage Release and Ceasefire Could Commence in Coming Days

Within the next few days, the hostage-release and the five-day cease-fire in the Gaza operation could start. A representative for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, however, declined to comment on the alleged agreement and the hostage situation. According to the Washington Post, the agreement was negotiated in a round of discussions in Doha between Israel, the US, and Hamas under the direction of Qatari mediators. Not too long ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuted reports that he turned down a real offer to free 50 hostages.

Netanyahu Affirms Commitment Amidst Denials

He declared that the hostage situation is “priority” and that “no deal on the table” existed. “We want to get back all the hostages. We’re doing the utmost to bring back the most possible, including in stages, and we are united on this,” the Times of Israel quoted Netanyahu as saying. Following the group’s October 7th raid into Israel, which claimed 1,200 lives and kidnapped 240 hostages, Israel promised to destroy Hamas. 12,300 people have killed since the start of the most recent conflict, according to authorities in the Gaza Strip, which is administered by Hamas.

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