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Israel Palestine Conflict: Israel Ready to Evacuate Infants from Gaza’s War Zone, Gasoline Shortage Heightens Crisis

Israel is ready to take up emergency hospital newborn evacuations in the midst of the intensifying Gaza conflict, protecting the youngest members of society from the current violence.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Severe combat persisted in the vicinity of Gaza‘s hospitals, notably Al-Shifa, the main hospital under siege in the area, as the Israeli force stepped up its campaign against Hamas. Thousands of patients and internally displaced people who were seeking safety at the hospital fled south, fearing a frontal attack on the facility.

Loss of Two Infants Amid Gasoline Shortages

Two babies perished, and scores more were in danger because of gasoline shortages brought on by the fierce fighting in the region, according to Palestinian officials. In the meantime, the Israeli military declared that infants at the Al-Shifa hospital are ready to be evacuated. On Sunday, an army spokesman affirmed that troops will assist with the evacuation. Palestinian officials reported that amid the fierce fighting in the area, gasoline shortages had resulted in the deaths of two babies and put scores more in danger.

Israel Vows to Continue Campaign Against Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would continue its campaign to defeat the Hamas militants who rule Gaza with “full force,” in defiance of growing international calls for a truce. Netanyahu said in a televised speech that a truce would only be possible if all 239 hostages held in Gaza were freed.

Fuel Crisis at Al-Shifa

At Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, fuel ran out, putting scores of patients—some critically—at risk and resulting in at least two baby deaths, according to Palestinian officials. Major Gazan hospitals were encircled by the Israeli army, and there were reports of fierce combat close by. The army made it clear that hospitals are not their aim and stated that they are prepared to evacuate infants. “Shifa hospital staff has requested assistance in relocating babies from the paediatric department to a safer hospital,” an Israeli army spokeswoman said. We’ll offer the assistance that’s required.

No Ceasefire Without Hostage Release

As the war moved into its sixth week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once more dismissed the mounting international pleas for a cease-fire. He declared that Israel will use “full force” to destroy Hamas in Gaza and that a cease-fire would only be feasible if all 239 hostages held by militants in Gaza were freed. Netanyahu added in a televised speech that Israel will maintain security control over Gaza after the conflict and that it would be demilitarised. “The war against Hamas-ISIS is advancing at full force and it has one goal – victory. There is no substitute for victory. We will eliminate Hamas and bring back our hostages. IDF forces have completed the encirclement of the city of Gaza. My directive and that of the Cabinet is clear: There will be no ceasefire without the return of our hostages,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said.

Loss of Contact with Al-Shifa Hospital

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that it is no longer in contact with its contacts at the Gaza-based Al-Shifa Hospital. The UN agency demanded a quick ceasefire and raised “grave concerns” for everyone trapped there by the conflict. WHO said it has “grave concerns for the safety of the health workers, hundreds of sick and injured patients, including babies on life support and displaced people who remain inside the hospital”.

IDF’s Fierce Campaign in Northern Gaza

Israel claims that the Israeli Defence Forces are waging a fierce campaign in northern Gaza, which Hamas once controlled. According to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Hamas has effectively lost control of the northern Gaza Strip. There is nowhere for it to hide. All of the Hamas members, from Sinwar to the final terrorist, are dead.” Additionally, Tel Avil declared that its forces are hitting Hamas “both underground and above ground.” We’re going to keep going till we win, full force and full strength.”

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