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Israel Palestine Conflict: Israeli Government approves release of 50 hostages, 4 day ceasefire announced

Israel has approved the release of about 50 hostages held by Hamas in a major diplomatic development that represents a noteworthy achievement.

Israel Palestine Conflict: The agreement to secure the release of approximately fifty hostages who were kidnapped and taken into Gaza by Hamas during its October 7 attack on Israel was approved by the Israeli cabinet early on Wednesday. The Times of Israel stated that a Four-day ceasefire was agreed upon in exchange for the hostages’ release.

Secrecy Shrouds Deal Details

The agreement’s specifics weren’t immediately disclosed to the public. However, a representative of the Israeli government informed reporters on Tuesday that the deal might make it possible to secure the release of fifty Israelis a day, mostly women and children in groups of twelve to thirteen. According to Israeli ministers present at the cabinet meeting, Thursday will see the first hostage release, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Secrecy Surrounds Agreement Details

After persistent pressure from the international community, Israel finally conceded to a four-day ceasefire, marking the first time since the start of the war against Hamas. Following Hamas and Israel’s announcement on Tuesday that they were “close” to reaching an agreement, rumours of a deal to secure the hostages in exchange for a ceasefire began to circulate. One of the main players in mediating the hostages’ deal was Qatar.

Deal Approval and Ceasefire

Under the terms of the agreement, Israel will permit the release of Palestinian women and children who are incarcerated and allow them to return to their homes, which are primarily in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Although Israel has not disclosed the exact number, local media sources place it at 150. Israel also made the momentous decision to allow a lot more fuel and humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. Fearing that it would help Hamas, Israel had stopped fuel and humanitarian supplies from reaching Gaza, despite the besieged Palestinian enclave experiencing an unparalleled humanitarian crisis.

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