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Joe Biden approves 450-million-dollars F-16 fleet sustainment programme to Pakistan

The Biden administration, reversing the old decision of former US President Donald Trump, approved the maintenance program of F-16 fighter aircraft fleet of US $ 450 million (Rs 3600 crore) to Pakistan.

This financial aid is being given by the US to Pakistan so that it can deal with counter-terrorism threats.

This is the biggest US aid to Pakistan since the Trump administration announced a halt to all defense and security aid to Pakistan in 2018. Former US President Donald Trump had stopped giving money alleging that Pakistan was not a participant in its fight against terrorism. In such a situation, we stop the security assistance given to them.

What did the US State Department say?

The US State Department said that it has decided to approve a possible foreign military sale to Pakistan for maintenance of F-16 fighter jets. The ministry said that this will help Pakistan maintain its ability to deal with threats of terrorism in the present and future.

Pakistan will get help in dealing with terrorism

On this decision, the Pentagon said that the proposed sale would support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States, thereby assisting Pakistan in its ongoing campaign against counter-terrorism efforts. America will pressurize Pakistan to take continuous action against all terrorist groups.

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