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Joe Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet Below Trump’s

US President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have plummetted in recent months and now stand lower than his predecessor, Donald Trump’s, ever were.

The President’s ratings have dipped to 36 percent within 18 months of being sworn in, one point lower than Donald Trump’s worst rating. 

During his turbulent term in office, Trump was impeached not once, but twice. However, various factors such as rising prices and fears of another recession are to blame for the discouraging numbers.

Even Barack Obama, who was sworn into office amidst the 2008 financial crisis, had enjoyed better economic standing—the worst being 37 percent in his eight-year term, a report states.

Among survey participants, 51 percent believe Biden’s efforts to combat inflation are making no difference, and 30 percent think they are actually making things worse. A mere 12 percent say they are helping.

Biden’s approval rating among Democrats for handling the economy is also on the decline, sliding to 62 percent from 71 percent earlier this year. On inflation, only 51 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s policies or lack thereof.

“Overall, just 12 percent strongly approve of the way Biden is handling the presidency compared with 43 percent who say they strongly disapprove of his work. Only 28 percent of Democrats strongly approve, while among Republicans, strong disapproval is nearly universal at 84 percent,” CNN Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta writes.

People are deeply dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s handling of pressing issues like the state of the economy and skyrocketing inflation. As food and fuel prices hit record highs, many fear a recession is looming on the horizon.

In a poll regarding Americans’ top concerns by CNBC, inflation garnered twice as many votes as the next response: abortion, which was presented as a survey option for the first time. That was followed by crime, immigration, border security, jobs, and climate change. The Covid-19 pandemic ranked last.

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