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HomeWORLDKim Jong Un orders more production of weapons-grade nuclear materials

Kim Jong Un orders more production of weapons-grade nuclear materials

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called on nuclear scientists to increase production of weapons-grade material to make bombs.

Tensions have been rising due to North Korea’s weapons tests and US-South Korea military drills. Officials believe that North Korea may increase its military nuclear testing even more in the coming weeks and months.

Kim Jong held a meeting

The Korean Central News Agency reported that on March 27, Kim held a meeting with officials and scientists at the state-run Nuclear Weapons Institute. In this meeting, he stressed the need to increase bomb fuel production and also issued an important task for the nuclear industry.

In addition, Kim also examined the country’s established plans for a nuclear counterattack. In pictures from the agency, Kim can be seen talking with officers inside a hall.

After six nuclear tests in 2006, North Korea is likely to have dozens of warheads, which may be mounted on some of its older systems, such as the Scud or Rodong missiles. A biannual South Korean defense document released in February said North Korea is estimated to have 70 kilograms (154 lb) of weapons-grade plutonium.

The document estimates that North Korea also has a “significant amount” of highly enriched uranium. Yongbyon, North Korea’s main nuclear complex, has facilities to produce both plutonium and uranium. North Korea is believed to be operating at least one additional covert uranium enrichment facility in addition to the one at the Yongbyon complex.

Underwater nuclear attack drone test

On March 27, North Korea again tested a ballistic missile. South Korea’s military says Kim Jong-un’s country fired a ballistic missile from its east coast toward the sea. KCNA said the missiles tested on Monday were armed with simulated nuclear warheads, which exploded 500 meters (16,40 feet) above their sea target.

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