Large Ukraine Flag Painted In Front Of Russian Embassy In London

Ukraine’s central bank on Thursday issued a new currency note to mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. In this note, three soldiers are seen hoisting the national flag. It is being said that plans are being made to launch a whole series of commemorative notes in the future.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a year. In such a situation, both countries are moving forward under their respective strategies with the aim of gaining military advantage. Meanwhile, Ukraine issued a note of 20 Ukrainian.

“We decided to launch a commemorative banknote aimed at marking the anniversary of the war,” said Andriy Pyshny, governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. However, the central bank has been working hard since February 24, 2022, to maintain stability in the country’s economy.

Increase in foreign exchange reserves

Continued aid from Western countries has increased Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserves by about $30 billion, slightly more than at the time of the war that began last year.

It took 8 months to prepare the note

Officials of the central bank said that it took about 8 months to prepare the commemorative note. Also, the bank is planning to bring out a series of commemorative notes depicting war scenes. Meanwhile, Pyashni claimed that we would win the war against Russia. However, victory will come at a very high cost.

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