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Millions Stranded as Covid Surges Again in China

China’s Zero-Covid policy has failed terribly as new areas are faced with the coronavirus infection that reportedly began in the country. The tourism hubs of Tibet and Hainan were especially affected. Due to the enforcement of lockdowns in an abrupt manner, a large number of tourists have been left stranded.

As Covid continues spreading to new areas in China, the old infected areas remain hotspots. Xi’s Zero-Covid policy was flawed from the get-go, with restrictions on public movement that led to a loss of livelihoods and huge mental harassment.

Despite the country being the origin of the virus, China was ironically the first to declare that the country was free from Covid-19 in early 2021.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Tibet had reported just one case of an asymptomatic patient. However, a few days ago, the region declared that there are 28 new Covid patients, causing panic to erupt in the country. Now, the Chinese government is building makeshift hospitals with a capacity of over 3,000 beds.

People in affected areas are worried about the return of lockdowns like the ones imposed in Shanghai. People were affected emotionally, physically, and mentally, by the strict lockdowns Those who were quarantined in the Covid centre did not get beds or blankets. People stuck at home struggled to get food and medicine.

Newly infected areas are now heading to stringent lockdowns as the government has shut down pubs, restaurants, and malls as well as started suspending train and air services. Tourists are seen stranded at the airport.

China’s GDP has taken a hit due to Xi’s Zero-Covid policy. Now policy expansion to new areas can hurt the Chinese economy more as well as cause a huge negative impact on people’s livelihoods and mental health.

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