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Missing German Woman’s Credit Card Used in Gaza, Paraded Naked by Hamas: Report

German woman accused of robbery and using her credit card in Gaza was paraded in front of Israeli soldiers by Hamas militants.

Israel Palestine Conflict: According to Report, the naked, mutilated body of a German woman who was paraded by Hamas gunmen during their surprise attack on Israel may also have been robbed. Since a phone conversation on October 7, soon after Hamas fired the first rockets into Israeli territory, Shani Louk’s parents had not heard from their daughter.

Signs of Hope Amidst Tragedy

However, the family said in a conversation with the German news magazine Der Spiegel that they had learned via her bank that the tattoo artist’s credit card had been used in Gaza. In a video uploaded on X (previously Twitter), Louk’s mother, Ricarda Louk, expressed hope that her daughter may still be alive, stating she saw her “unconscious in a car with Palestinians.” “I just don’t want to admit it yet,” she told Der Spiegel.

Terrifying Moments at Festival for Peace

When Hamas fighters stormed, Shani Louk was at an outdoor “Festival for Peace” celebration close to Kibbutz Urim. Videos demonstrated how the combatants’ arrival at the event in the desert caused the crowd to fear. Shortly after the incident, a video showed a young woman who was scarcely clothed riding on the back of a pickup vehicle while being encircled by Hamas soldiers went viral on social media. Although her face isn’t visible, her family was able to recognise her thanks to her distinctive dreadlocks and tattoos.

Israeli Woman Begs for Life During Hamas Abduction Amid Music Festival

Another social media video depicts the moment an Israeli woman begged for her life as she was taken away from her partner by Hamas fighters into Gaza and separated from him. On Saturday, Noa Argamani (25), along with her companion Avi Natan, were abducted while attending a music festival. Argamani can be heard pleading with her kidnappers in the video, “Don’t kill me!”

Hamas Abduction Spree

It is claimed that the Palestinian militant group committed countless horrors when it was attacking Israel. During the land-air-sea attack, at least 100 Israeli hostages were kidnapped, including women, children, and senior persons. According to IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus, “women, children, elderly, and disabled” residents were “dragged into Gaza” in “unprecedented” numbers. He added that while some are believed to be alive, others are assumed to be dead and that this will “shape the future of this war.”

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