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Mob Launches Violent Protest Outside Durga Bhawan Temple in UK

A crowd turned violent on Tuesday evening outside a temple in Smethwick, UK. Violent protesters threw bottles from outside the Durga Bhavan temple in the temple premises. Unruly protesters also threatened and abused the temple authorities. The mob also burnt some firecrackers and threw them in the temple. Violent demonstrations outside the temple have raised fears of Leicester-like violence in the Midlands region. Due to this, people of the local Hindu community have become concerned about their safety.

The police turned back the violent protesters who tried to enter the temple wall by jumping. Violent mob was trying to break the temple fence and enter the temple. The crowd gathered outside the temple was protesting against the visit of Sadhvi Ritambara, the founder of Param Shakti Peeth and Vatsalyagram. According to reports, the protesters gathered even after the Muslim community leaders were informed about the cancellation of the scheduled tour of Sadhvi Ritambhara.

A member of the temple first urged the troubled protesters to restore peace but to no avail. Later, the police intervened to restore peace and drive back the unruly protesters. The group of protesters also said that they would not allow Hindu leaders to travel anywhere in the UK and threatened similar protests in front of other temples in the UK. These protests were similar to those seen in Leicester during the past two weeks. Where a flag was thrown down by a violent mob outside a temple. This violence started after the India-Pakistan cricket match on 28 August.

Several videos of the incident were shared on social media. In which an uncontrolled crowd of hundreds of people was seen moving towards the Durga Bhavan temple in Smethwick. In this video, angry protesters can be seen trying to break the wall of Durga Bhavan temple. Community-specific slogans were also heard outside the temple in Smethwick. A member of the mob is also seen making indecent gestures towards a temple official. However, the authenticity of these videos could not be verified.

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