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HomeWORLDOnion prices rose by 501 per cent in Pakistan , details here

Onion prices rose by 501 per cent in Pakistan , details here

Pakistan is passing through poverty these days. The situation is so serious that along with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Army Chief Asim Munir also has to visit foreign countries to spread the word. Meanwhile, rising inflation in Pakistan has broken the back of the common people. Not only flour and gas, but the prices of chicken have also skyrocketed. In such a situation, the favorite dish of Pakistanis, Chicken Biryani, now seems to be a dream. The prices of mustard oil and onion used in making chicken is enough to surprise you. Despite this, Pakistani politicians are not desisting from boasting and making statements against India instead of rescuing the people from inflation.

Know the price of chicken, onion and oil in Pakistan

Chicken price in Pakistan is currently Rs 383 per kg. Last year i.e. in January 2022, the price of chicken was Rs.210. In such a situation, the price of chicken has increased by Rs 173 in just one year. Not only this, the price of onion and mustard oil used in making chicken is also on fire. Onion is currently selling at Rs 220 per kg in Pakistan. A year ago, in January 2022, onion was available at Rs 36 per kg. In such a situation, there has been an increase of Rs 184 in onions within a year. Mustard oil is getting Rs 532 per liter in Pakistan, which was Rs 374 in January 2022 last year. In such a situation, mustard oil has become costlier by Rs 158 as compared to 2022.

Dal, salt, rice, banana, bread, milk also became costlier

Pulses, salt, rice, banana, bread, milk have also become out of reach of common people in Pakistan. In Pakistan, 1 kg of tur dal is available at Rs 228 per kg, 800 gm packet of common salt at Rs 48, basmati rice at Rs 146, banana at Rs 119 per dozen, a packet of bread at Rs 89 and 1 liter of milk at Rs 149. In such a situation, buying these things in Pakistan has gone out of the power of common people. Most of the people of Pakistan live below the poverty line. Meanwhile, due to the collapse of the economy, lakhs of people doing private jobs had to become unemployed.

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