Pakistan Burger: Shocking! Pakistani Man Kills Friend For Taking a Bite From His Girlfriend’s Burger, Internet in Disbelief

Pakistan boy kills friend over burger

According to ARY News, a young guy in Karachi is accused of murdering his friend over a burger meant for his girlfriend. The event occurred on February 8 in Karachi’s Defence Phase 5 region, and the police investigation is now complete.

The Incident

The incident took place when the victim, Ali Keerio allegedly ate a burger meant for the accused’s girlfriend which resulted in a violent confrontation. The accused, Daniyal, the son of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Nazir Ahmed Mirbahar, had invited his girlfriend, Shazia to his home. They were accompanied by Daniyal’s buddy Ali Keerio and his brother Ahmer.

The Confrontation

Daniyal had ordered two burgers for himself and Shazia, but a disagreement arose when Keerio reportedly ate a bit of one burger. Daniyal responded furiously, increasing the confrontation. After that Daniyal took a guard’s gun and shot Keerio who sustained serious injuries. Despite medical treatment, Keerio died from his wounds.

Investigation and Conclusion

After a thorough investigation, the police charged Daniyal Nazeer with the crime. The investigative officer referred the case to higher officials, and Daniyal is currently in jail, awaiting trial.

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