Russia Declares Ceasefire to Open Humanitarian Corridors

Russia has declared ceasefire in the midst of the ongoing war with Ukraine. There has been a ceasefire to open the Humanitarian Corridors to the citizens. The ceasefire started at 12.30 pm Indian time.

The US and its allies have accused Russia of attacking Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant and risking the lives of millions of Europeans. However, Russia has denied these allegations, claiming that a group in Ukraine is responsible for the fire at the nuclear power plant.

Russia has announced to build a Ceasefire In Ukraine in two places, Mariopol and Volvonokha, to evacuate people trapped in the war-torn areas of Ukraine. Now this is a very important step in the direction of evacuation of Indians. This ceasefire has come into effect from 11.30 am Indian time. Although the number of Indians in both these areas is very less, yet it is a good step towards peace. It is believed that after the second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia, an agreement has been reached to build this corridor.

Russia has announced that this ceasefire start at 11.30, which has been done on humanitarian grounds so that ordinary citizens can be given a chance to leave. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying, ‘Today on March 5, at 10 am Moscow time, the Russian side is going to conduct a ceasefire. Russia is going to open humanitarian corridors in Mariopol and Volvonokha.’