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Russia Ukraine Crisis: Russian Navy has lands in the Black Sea

The threat of war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine Conflict) is increasing continuously. Meanwhile, Russia has done a nuclear drill in Belarus, due to which the tension of Ukraine has increased. The Russian Navy has also landed in the Black Sea. According to the news agency AFP, Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three sides. More than 1.50 lakh soldiers are stationed near its border. Till some time ago there was a report of deployment of 1 lakh soldiers.

President Putin himself is personally monitoring this military exercise being held on Saturday. Long-range missiles have also been included in the exercise. Officials said maritime units from Russia’s Eastern Military District have started joint exercises at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in Belarus. In a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry, the marines can be seen landing in Mi-8 military helicopters and performing various tactical exercises.

According to the report, a few days ago, Russia had announced the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border, but the number of Russian troops there is increasing instead of decreasing. Russia has also deployed fighter aircraft, military vehicles and equipment along the Ukrainian border.

Actually, Russia and Belarus are considered close. Belarus shares border with Ukraine. The maneuvers of Russian soldiers have been going on here for several days. According to reports, about 30 thousand Russian soldiers are present in Belarus. On Saturday, Russia also conducted a nuclear drill in Belarus. When a war-like situation is being created between two countries, then doing nuclear drill increases this danger further.

The American Embassy in Russia has issued a warning of attack on many cities including Moscow, St Petersburg. According to media reports, shopping centers, railway and metro stations and public places may be attacked in many cities of Russia amid the ongoing tension with Ukraine. US Embassy spokesman Jason Rebholz wrote in a press release on social media, “Important security alert from the US mission to Russia.”

US intelligence agency claims – 1.50 lakh Russian soldiers stationed near Ukraine, Putin ordered the attack War can start. Officials said- ‘Russia has been its for war to Ukraine by attacking the border line, although now there is no concrete information about its next step.’

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