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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine Accused of ‘Terrorism’ by Russia Following Alleged Drone Attacks on Moscow

Russia-Ukraine war: In an unexpected development, Russia claimed that Ukraine had launched a drone attack on Moscow, disrupting operations at one of the city’s principal airports. A minimum of three unmanned aerial vehicles were said to be intercepted in the skies above the Moscow district, two of which were spotted just 30 km southwest of the Kremlin. An additional drone was identified in the adjoining region of Kaluga.

An ‘Act of Terrorism’: Moscow’s Airport Operations Disrupted

The alleged drone activity caused significant disruption at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, with landings and takeoffs being curtailed for several hours. Numerous flights were redirected to other airports, causing inconvenience to travellers. This led Russia to label the incident as ‘an act of terrorism’, ramping up tensions between the two nations.

Moscow Accuses the West: Finger-Pointing Escalates

In a shocking accusation, Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, suggested that the “terrorist regime” of Ukraine is being financially supported by the United States, Britain, and France. She urged the international community to hold these countries responsible, given their status as permanent members of the UN Security Council.Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow, stated on his Telegram channel that the city’s air defence forces had successfully intercepted all detected drones.
Furthermore, he stated that no casualties were recorded in relation to the purported drone assaults. To sum up, this event signifies a potentially alarming intensification in the continuing discord between Russia and Ukraine.
With Russia attributing the act to ‘terrorism’, the global community watches with apprehension as the ramifications unfold. The use of drones in such actions highlights the increasingly sophisticated nature of modern conflicts, adding a new dimension to international relations and national security concerns.

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